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Gantz (Anime)

I’m not a critique, I’m not a professional reviewer, I only write my opinions. Many cursing words. Grammar ERRORS and Typos everywhere. Spoilers!

Screenshots and meme sources are written below the pic . Cover source: Wikipedia

Thank you OKU Hiroya and (praise the Lord) Gonzo for creating this garbage anime

BLOOD and GORE +Sexual abuse anime, no kids should watch this. No child or someone with weak mind should enter this realm. You’ve been warned! Many inappropriate languages + some adult’s teaching stuff (?)


Dude… a bit shocked after I found out this anime is made by Gonzo. This is before Gonzo becomes shit! When Gonzo still have their passion for anime. This anime is… how to describe it? I 120% HATE KURONO!!!

I haven’t read the manga YET. But I will after I write my Blood+ and Fena bitch’s rant. Still working on it. I need to take my time bc of the massive PTSD they’ve caused me.


We have Kurono Kei, who is a selfish asshole with a libido as high as 100 horses combined. His character introduction is him having an ERECTION during a class while imagining all the women in his class naked.

This is already not a good character introduction. Come on! First impression is the most important. Will you like a person who walks to you with an erection while introducing himself? I will kick the erection until it bleeds. And his classmate, a girl, yells “Sensei, Kurono is having an erection” jokingly. I was thinking, will I do this too?? Telling to my teacher if my classmate has an erection during class? The probability is high!

After school, he goes to a bookstore where he buys an adult magazine…. Dear Lord… I get it! He’s a teenager. He’s a horndog. He gets erections every single second of his entire life. He’s a piece of shit. But I thought Japan needs you to give them an ID before purchasing adult stuff. And, he looks underage WITH HIS SCHOOL UNIFORM TOO, no need for ID?

In the next scene, when he wants to go home by train, he meets an old lady who asks him a way to a station. As a piece of shit, he doesn’t want to help her. He’s busy readying himself for the next erection scene. He also meets with Kato, his childhood friend. Kato has a bad guy vibe but actually, he’s a soft-hearted big guy who always wants to help others. He instantly becomes my fave guy, but sometimes I hate him, for being too dumb and too emotional.

A hobo is drunk and falls down to the train gutter. Is that what it’s called? Anyway, Kato decided to help, but no one wants to help him. Since a drunk is heavy, even tho Kato is strong, he needs help. My friend was drop-dead drunk one time and she needs to be carried by 3 adult males. One of the males is a gym trainer and still has extreme difficulty carrying her. In the end, we used a cart we borrowed from a nearby store and carried her to a nearby hotel. So, Kato asks for help, but no one is gonna help a stinky hobo (not my word, it’s the anime characters’ words). Kato sees Kei-chan and his eyes fill with joy and asks for his help. Kurono is like “TF!!! Don’t call my name! It makes me feel obliged to your request”

Kurono helps Kato with the hobo and the train is coming and smashing them, making their heads fly away. Some people even took a pic. TF?? This scene makes me roll my eyes so damn hard!!! Are they stupid? They should call the metro worker to help and don’t they have any safety regulations in there? My cousin who is far older than me once told me, if you fall on the track and the train is coming, you should roll over to the side. There’s a human-sized gap for us to hide alongside the track.

Or better yet! Just crawl back to the place you belong! You guys are 2 tall dudes! I bet it wouldn’t take 2 minutes for you to get back to the surface! I also thought the engineer will smash the STOP button when he/she sees someone THAT BIG in front of the train???

I really feel so stupid watching them die just like that. One episode wasted just to let us know that: Kurono Kei is a selfish jackass, asshole, with horsepower libido who always has a boner every single minute he nears women. This lil shit needs to seek professional help! Sex addiction is a real thing!

They wake up in a room filled with extra characters who are destined to die anyway. So don’t bother to remember them. Then an unconscious naked girl suddenly comes to the room too, right in front of Kurono. And this horny dipshit kisses her without any consent. Disgusting! Kurono really needs to seek help! Not only Kurono, but all shitheads in that anime really need massive help, except Kato. Well, he probably needs a little help for being a crybaby.

This naked girl is named Kishimoto Kei. She dies from committing suicide while she’s in the bathtub. Her one and ONLY role is to become a sexual fantasy by men in that anime. Yes, MEN. Not only Kurono Kei who sexually harassed her, but other dudes in that room, yakuza members, drag her to the back of the mansion and try to rape her and NOBODY! Again, NOBODY, except Kato decides to help her. Even the dog constantly licks her smelly pussy while MEN watching her struggle YET ONLY Kato helps her. This is why she becomes clingy to Kato. Hell, if I were her, I’d too. But, I’m not a stupid bitch like her.

I really don’t understand why a DOG who looks like a sewer rat comes to this game. He can’t do anything except licking Kishimoto’s pussy. COME ON!!! Mangaka pushes fans-service to the point I’m gonna be puke in front of him!!!

After so much sexual harassment in one episode, they are given a task to kill a scallion alien. WTF!? This alien is so stupid and only cries “Give me negi” or “I will give you negi” Negi = Japanese Scallion. Those extra characters enjoy killing that poor poor alien, the trio: Kurono, Kishimoto and Kato…. Wait, a minute…triple K??? Sorry… I really just realize it while writing this. Those three wander around until papa negi comes while talking in his alien language. Dude… nobody will understand you. I don’t mean to berate other people here, but there’s one time a tourist from other country (won’t point the country) told me something in her language. She tried to describe how majestic it looks like, I guess? But dude… at least use English. I replied to her using English and she nodded with delight. So maybe, my guess is right? But this alien, supposed to be an intelligent creature, right? The negi son can speak Japanese, why the papa can’t? Not only the papa, thru out this anime, I only see the negi son who speaks Japanese. And it’s only those words: “Give me negi” or “I will give you negi”

Long story short, all the extras are killed by papa negi, Kato is crying to show how sensitive he is, Kishimoto swaying her boobs, Kurono tries his best to not have a boner. Kato is so stupid. He almost got killed by papa negi and when he wants to shoot that alien, he’s only bitching “I will SHOOT”

Kurono be like “YES!!! SHOOTTT!!!”



But nope, he doesn’t pull the trigger and got smack by papa negi to death. Kurono activates the suit power when they are playing chase and run, the suit can make your muscles so powerful, you can compare yourself to Hulk. Kurono beats the shit out of the papa negi, and another character, Joichiro Nishi, who I thought a high schooler, but nope! He’s a middle-schooler, praises Kurono and wishes to give papa negi to him. BUT NOOOOO!! Kurono suddenly chickens out. Nishi kills papa negi and they transport back to the mansion. We thought Kato is dead for sure, but suddenly he moves and still genki.

FUCK! I can’t bear to write this idiot anime. Long short story, everyone who is not triples K (no harm intended. Kurono, Kato and Kishimoto) dies in just one arc. That Levi Heichou’s voice dude got killed within 2 chapters when I can see his character growth together Sadako, but NOPE! They need to die! Kato and Kishimoto also die in Buddhist Temple Arc. Only Kurono who is saved. Even J-Lara Croft who I think can have character development, dies in that arc and she get multiple foreshadowing. Fuck this.

After Buddhist Temple Arc, Kurono somehow becomes a good person? Sorry, he still can’t convince me. He’s a shit thu and thru in this entire anime. Just bc a girl won’t sleep with you, you throw a 2 yo tantrum? Bravo, dude. What an incel.

The next arc will be the final arc of this anime. Kurono wants to protect all of those participants except the 2 hobo killers. That one annoying old man who keeps saying a (psychopath) minor can be re-educated… I really want to bash his head and tell him to shut up! A maniac psychopath can’t be re-educated even tho they are minors. They are manipulative and dangerous to society. Better put them in the electric chair sooner than later. I know! You want to portray him as the GOOD person in that arc, but ONCE A KILLER, FOREVER BE A KILLER, especially when he kills for fun. Open your eyes, dude…

In the end, only Kurono saves AGAIN.




All the characters here are dumbasses. They are stupid to the core. In fact, their cores are so stupid, it turns into VOID. The most redeemable character for me is Kato. He’s also a shithead for being too fucking emotional. Bitch can’t do anything without crying every single time!

Let’s start with Kurono Kei first since he’s the mc so we see him every single fucking time. I DESPISE HIM! I’m not a teenage dude, but Jesus! I have had lots of bros since I was a kid! They don’t have a constant boner every single time! They don’t berate women like this incel fuck-head does! They don’t keep pestering women to show them their boobs! They don’t force themselves on women to sleep with them! They don’t fantasize about sex every single second of their entire lives! THEY HAVE LIVES!

I just know 2 idiots who behave like this incel when I was in primary school. These 2 future (probably will turn into human garbage or serial killers) incels took pride in themselves for peeking 8 yo girls’ underwear during class. I remembered very clearly bc they sat in front of me. They were giggling like idiots they were, then whispered, “her underwear is pink.” I heard that and I was pissed! I told them, “so? Mine is also pink.” This made them uncomfortable and said that I’m an idiot for telling them about my “secret.” I answered them with “you guys are the idiot ones! You want to look at underwear so much?? Go sniff your mom’s panties!” I was sooooooooo pissed, I told all the girls about them, I also told the teacher about this. I also remember these 2 dipshits failed to proceed into the next primary level. How idiotic! See this??? This is what happened if you have a constant boner. You failed in everything, you can’t even pass the 2nd grade of primary school. I don’t know what happened to them after elementary, I moved to another school after I finished elementary grade. But I assume, these two incels become human garbage.

Careful anyone, you will get heart attacks for having constant boner.

What Kurono incel does shows me how unintelligent he really is. He behaves like those two incels from the above paragraph in the most terrible fashion ever, and those 2 were still in elementary school. People can still look over it (not me, tho), but Kurono is like what? A high schooler? And he, UNASHAMEDLY, is showing how disgusting his behavior is. He even has boners while he’s in the wild. Showing how a terrible shitty being he is. All his logic is concentrated in his dick. His brain probably is the shape of a dick. He is even more terrible than a pile of shit. Even manure has its benefits (for growing better crops). I read in several places that Kurono Kei is a character who you are not supposed to like. He NAILS it perfectly. *insert Italian hand* . But, I wish to see why he’s such a dick head in the first place. Maybe the manga has more exploration with this shithead’s background story, but the anime never explain why he behaves like this. This is straight onto the pile of garbage character development.

Let’s use Shinji Ikari as an example, many people hate him bc he doesn’t get into the Eva. No! He CAN’T get his ass into Eva. Why? Bc he’s a weak and meek character. We know his past (even tho, I need to read lots of fandom and video to know the full story of his past), his dad neglected him since he was a kid. He becomes what he is now bc he has his past. I don’t mind he’s a weakling dinkling since it’s his character and we KNOW why he’s a weakling shit. I can accept it this way. If only they explore more about Kurono Kei and not his dick and his dick-ness, I think I will accept why he behaves like this. I mean, if he’s a real person in a real life, I won’t accept this shit, but as a fictional character, I can accept it. That’s why it’s called fiction. If everybody behaves like a shithead, this world probably will be crumbling in no time and hell will be full every second someone dies.

Kurono Kei Anime is a piece of shit who can’t get any redemption, he’s constantly pestering Kishimoto to sleep with him without thinking about how she feels. A total INCEL. Nobody in the right mind can accept how he treats Kishimoto and all of the women in that show, except you are an incel and a psychopath. He helps Kishimoto FOR THE SAKE OF GET LAID SO HE CAN LOSE HIS V CARD. He KNOWS Kishimoto likes Kato and still tries to get into her pants.

When Kishimoto rejects him for the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX times, he becomes a virgin with rage and “asks” for an older woman who was sent into the mansion by GANTZ to boink with him. What a distinguished gentleman. Since the mangaka is probably sexually depressed, he makes J-Lara Croft agrees to this fucking bullshit! NO ONE IN THE RIGHT MIND WILL ACCEPT THIS!!!!!!!!!!! Judging by J-Lara Croft’s design, she’d probably kick Kurono’s lil prick to the death! The mangaka designed her as Lara Croft, what do we know from this strong woman? She ain’t gonna eat your fucking bullshit!

His room is decorated with lots of bikini girls posters. YESSS!! YESSSS!! We get it! He’s an incel. Stop pushing his incel-ness on me! I know he’s shit already! Ever since his first introduction scene: having a boner in the class, I know he will become a serial rapist IF not bc Kishimoto’s death. This sob feels so sad, he changes to a lil bit of a better man. In the last arc of this anime, he makes his own salvation. He becomes more like Kato. Sorry, Hun, but too late. You’ve been a constant jackass for the entire show. This only makes you become more watchable without making me want to punch my monitor. I’m still keeping things in mind that PROBABLY he will become a better character in the manga.

Even tho, he becomes a (SUPER ULTRA) lil better of a character during the last arc of the anime, I still can’t see him as a human being. How could I? I don’t know what the hell happened to him to become such a jackass in the first place. I will try the manga tho. See if his manga counterpart can make me think he’s redeemable. Overall Kurono anime is an abomination fucker who needs to die soon to achieve world peace!

Kishimoto Kei… this damn shit… I don’t blame her, honestly. She probably will be a BFF type person. But damn… I hate the shithead mangaka for making women look like objects in his EVERY FUCKING MANGAS. Yes! In his every fucking mangas, women got raped and assaulted with no apparent reason! WHYYYY??? Is this fucker mangaka a misogynist fuck head?? Kishimoto has a pair of giant big boobs that defy gravity and logic. She will be having backache every single damn day and probably will save money for her boob reduction which she hopes will be happening pretty soon. What is wrong with Japan and ridiculous big boobs? This becomes a joke among my dude friends. “Japanese will love big boobs since them women ain’t got no boobs at all.” This! This is what they said while laughing like idiots. Dunno why, but suddenly it reminds me of Eric Cartman saying that he has 30CM of dick.

Kishimoto’s purpose in this anime is to be an object. An object for sexual harassment + multiple rape attempts + ONE-time human shield for Kato. She’s a fanservice nobody (normal people) needs. Yeah, maybe she’s there so Kei can “change”, but shit… I don’t think Kei should change bc of one giant ridiculous boobs. His LOVE for Kishimoto is horse crap. Kei only “loves” her bc he can’t sleep with her. Bc she loves Kato and this fucking incel is being salty about that.

“How can I lose from Kato???? I’m the fucking main protagonist in this fucking piece of shit anime!!!! Boobies should be mine!!!!”

Above is probably what that piece of shit inner thought every single time he breaths. I mean, come on!! Kishimoto is not a cheap bitch. She loves Kato bc Kato is THE ONE AND ONLY who PROTECT her SINCERELY and doesn’t treat her like an object. I’d be like her too if I were her! I bet every single living being will behave like her too, clinging to their savior, except if you are a masochist. And honestly, I don’t feel she’s that clingy. I also never think Mikasa is too clingy to Eren. Wait a minute?? Maybe I’m a cling-er? So I think they are not clingy??? Nah! Whom can I cling to? My dolls and dog? But honestly, I don’t see they are clingy. They just want to be on their beloved one’s side. What clingy is when someone told you to not get too close to you, but you still try to cling to him/her. Yeah! I got one back when I was still in high school. A man who I didn’t know who went to the same school as me, always stood behind me, like 1cm behind me. I told him not to come close to me but he still stood behind me like a stalker. I told the teachers, my family, my friends, every single one about this man and suddenly he disappeared. Talk about creep! Wait a minute, this is not clingy, this is stalking!

Next is Kato. Dude looks fierce but has a bunny-shaped cotton candy heart. This man cries about everything, like that one guy in Bedazzled. Hilarious movie, totally recommended it. I know he’s THE good guy, but seriously, stop crying like a lil bitch. Especially when you cry for such a menial shit: like crying for a hobo corpse. Yes, you may cry, but Kato, you have a time limit and aliens lurking to kill you. Get your ass up now and kill those aliens NOW!!!

I know you want to portray him as this soft-hearted sensitive punk, but I don’t need you for the constant reminder. This is the same as Kurono where the audience needs to be constantly reminded that he’s a jackass. I get it already! STFU! I also know he can’t kill a living being, but shit man! If my life is threatened, no matter who my opponent is, I will try to bash their heads or muay Thai their patella, Annie Leonhart style. Luck for us, he reduces his useless bitch cry later in every arc. He’s already useful, being the tallest and the biggest team member in there, he also has a sense of leadership and justice. Overall he’s my fave character in this shithole.

Other characters’ synopsis: If you are a male/ a kid/ a grandma, you will die for sure. If you are a woman, you will have big boobs and will get rape threats multiple times before ending up dead or you will get multiple sexual harassments before ending up dead.

Every time, I think that character can have a development, the writer decided to kill him/her off. Fuck me… I don’t want to root for anyone in that anime at all ever again. Let them all die and let that anime world gets destroyed by aliens.

My biggest problem in this anime is Kishimoto. Again, I don’t hate her. I like her. She tries her best to help Kato instead of only standing pretty and doing nothing like a potted flower, but she’s an object in this goddamn shithole. Writers treat her like a thing for Kurono Kei. Without her, the anime still can keep going, just bc she’s the trigger for Kurono to become a 0.0000001% better man, doesn’t mean she needs to be there. Or maybe, she can be there, but don’t treat her as an object. WTF is wrong with the mangaka’s brain?? Just bc he wants to pull a fanservice card, he puts lots and lots of attempts to rape this poor girl. Do yourself a favor, mangaka, and fuck your own asshole. Hey, I’m not a weak person, I love true crime stories and what those fuckers (in this shitty anime) do are far more irredeemable. Heard about Junko Furuta? Her story is not for a faint heart. These fictional pieces of shit are nothing compared to real-world pieces of shit. But seriously! I watched or read manga for fun and not to jerk off by BAITS! If I want to jerk off, I will watch or read hentai!

This fanservice is what makes the anime feels dragging. One episode vanished into a tin air just to see Kurono groping Kishimoto’s boobs, Kurono fantasizing to fuck Kishimoto, Kurono trying so hard to grope Kishimoto’s boobs (AGAIN! FOR THE XXXXXXXXXXXX TIMES), Kurono acts like a jackass to Kishimoto, Kurono becomes jealous, TF?? I find this is pretty abusive! Even tho, Kishimoto is portrayed as a naive girl, no WOMAN will say something so bait-ful! Like “do you want to take care of a pet?” while pointing at herself. FUCK! Nobody will call her/himself a pet (if you are into it then fine, I won’t judge, but NOBODY will say that to an obvious jackass who they meet for the first time) to a person you’ve just met! On top of that, Kishimoto is an UNDERAGE GIRL!!! I really think mangaka is a rapist wannabe! He still has the consciousness of what is wrong and what is right, so he suppresses his urges to become a rapist and pours his desire into his manga.

Inuyashiki, one of his mangas, also has the same theme: senseless rape + sexual harassment + killing for no apparent reason coated with chocolate taste fiction. Inuyashiki is GOOD and one of the manga who dares to step as a different manga. Imagine, the mc of that manga is an old dude. This is good! I love something different. Bishounen mc is overrated, why not try an old man who wants to be a hero? GOOD! Honestly, I cheer for Inuyashiki jiji and his adventure to become THE HERO. But why, oh, why? This mangaka’s theme is always involving senseless rape + sexual harassment + killing for no apparent reason coated with chocolate taste fiction?

I forgot the name, but I read a manhwa when I was a mid schooler, the killer traps a woman and treats her like a dog bc he wants to play with the police. I didn’t read it till the end, bc I was so goddamn poor back then, my only money was from my monthly allowance, and I couldn’t afford to buy whatever manga/manhwa that I wanted. I must be super selective to buy it. But you see this? This is what makes it uncomfortable. The killer is a psychopath, we see his adventure thru the police’s eyes. It has killing and abuse to women, it is uncomfortable, but it’s not an eye-rolling cringe-fest of senseless raping and murdering.

Imagine, you have Hannibal Lecter, a pro of killing and cooking human meat, before he butchers his victim, the director gives us several panty shots and focuses on the side boobs. I bet you don’t have the appetite to watch it anymore. In Hannibal’s TV series, they portrayed killing as an art (NOO!! Please don’t kill any people in the name of art), this is what makes people like to watch it. The rating skyrocketed back then, I watched it bc of the dogs. Still love their interactions and bloopers too. Funny as hell! There’s no fanservice, yet people still love to watch it.

FOCUS on what you want to send to the audience. Many people find fanservice ridiculous. I couldn’t agree more! I don’t see why I need to focus of the boobs + panties if I can’t jerk off to that. I want to know more about the characters bg, but those fucking writers deliver me with fanservice?? FUCK NOOO!! I want to focus and want to know more about the story! I can go to a bra store to see tons of bras and panties! If I don’t have time to go there, I can google it! I don’t need 0.001 sec just to see a panty shot! If it’s not a comedy one, I don’t want to see it! So far, I only have 2 manga and manhua which passed the panty shot test: Prison school and Bowling King (hilarious! It’s a Taiwanese manhua. Recommended it!). They have panty shots BC it’s their genre! Sexual comedy! I enjoy sexual comedy, probably bc I have so many dude friends who think I’m their bros so they usually use sexual comedy, I don’t mind it if it’s in a right place and in the right moment. I hope whoever reads this, understands what my meaning is. I don’t say fanservice is 100% bad and irredeemable, if they use it right, it’ll be hilarious and funny to read. But for this anime? What is your priority? To fuck? Or to get out alive? Their priority is a huge mess! And this is not a human trait! You are in danger? RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!! Yet in this anime? I’m in GRAVE danger! Oh, wait! A huge boobs woman near me! Better prepare my erection!

Dios Mio…

I’m so fed up with this idiotic behavior…

The aliens should be the main center of this anime, but NO!!!! We don’t know single shit about them, except those characters need to kill them? Why? Like that Negi alien, I don’t see they are dangerous at all. The bird aliens even pay for the eggs they buy. Talk about civilized creatures. The Buddha statues aliens are not showing any dangerous signs AT ALL. They just stand there like what statues suppose to be. They (aliens) even ask what did they do wrong. They engage the humans when they sense danger. Overall, I don’t see any threat from them. Instead of exploring the aliens, they explore Kurono’s dick more. *SIGH!!!!*

Animation is OK for its time (the only positive in this goddamn anime). And this is before Gonzo turns shit I guess?

Music? What music? I don’t know if there’s music except for Pie Jesu and they just used it several times (like 3 times more or less) before dumping it in the recycle bin.

Seiyuu is OK, nothing worth noting.

Story: suck.

Conclusion: 0.6/5.0 STARS. I will try the manga. I know it’s not the real final arc yet. There are so many questions left unanswered. Who or what is Gantz? Why this giant ball is such a douchebag? Many people said the anime is truly garbage but the manga is a masterpiece. I won’t put my hope too high tho, since I read Inuyashiki already. I kinda know this mangaka pattern: rape + sexual harassment + gruesome killing + fiction. But I hope the manga is better and irredeemable than the anime.

Lack of screenshots, bc this anime is SHIT! And not worth noting!

Thank you for reading. Just a reminder, I’m not a critique, I’m not a professional reviewer, I only write my opinions.

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