Shiki (Anime)

I’m not a critique, I’m not a professional reviewer, I only write my opinions. Many cursing words. Grammar ERRORS and Typos everywhere. Spoilers!

Screenshots and Meme’s source is written below the pic. Cover source: Shiki Fandom

Credits should go to the respected creator of the anime: Daume and Fuyumi Ono for the novel and Ryu Fujisaki for creating the characters.


I stumbled into this anime when I wrote Crisis Core’s rant and during that time, I went to Genesis’ page and went to Gackt’s Wikipedia page. There, I saw he serves as seiyuu in this anime, so I clicked at Shiki’s page and I read HORROR on the genre to my delight, so I proceed to watch it. And here I am, ranting about this anime.

I haven’t read the manga yet. This is purely rant for the anime. Well, actually it’s a rant for each of the characters.

I will put 3 sections in this rant: Story section, Character section and Conclusion section.


It’s a story of a small village called Sotoba. We meet a pink-haired slut called Megumi. Hey, I’m not slut-shaming her bc of her outfit, but bc of how bitch she is! I like her clothes but not her logic and personality. We will discuss this further in the character section. She’s the first victim of the so-called epidemic. As I wrote this, Covid-19 has transformed into Omnicron. PLEASE, LET THIS PANDEMIC END SOON!!!

She dies after one episode. But we will meet her again in the later episodes. Bitchy-er than the first episode.

After a slow pace of scenes, showing us SO MANY DEAD, I realize this is probably a vampire horror after they’re showing 2 bites on the victims…. which to my dismay… This anime is based on a 1998 novel, back then vampire theme horror is still kinda fresh and there’s no sparkly vampires who ruin the theme. But I watch it in the December 2021. So, I kinda down when I know it’s a vampire horror. But I still keep watching it, and I don’t regret it at all. Tho, it’s getting on my nerve for several reasons.

Natsuno thinks about Okiagari bc tho slut already dead, she keeps haunting him. Talk about unhealthy obsession. He even witnesses his bff, Toru gets eaten by the slut bc she’s so toxic, she hates everybody who close to Natsuno. Fucking bitch!

Poor Toru! He’s beloved by everyone, even that jackass disgusting dipshit, Masao, too adores him so much, but he turns into a shiki UNWILLINGLY by a whore.

Meanwhile, in Natsuno’s case, he realizes it’s vampire’s fault since he’s haunted by Megumi the slut even tho she’s already dead. He teams up with Tanaka siblings to dig up the slut’s grave along just to find an empty casket. There, them 3 are like “Oh HELL NOOOOO!!! Okiagari shit is REAL!!!???” Kaori, the eldest of Tanaka, is attacked by a male vampire during this event. With this, they become even more assure that there ARE vampires plaguing Sotoba! And their suspects are Kirishiki family who just moved into Sotoba. They live in a huge ass western style castle on top of the hills, which is really sus!

Toshio Ozaki, the village doctor, thought it was an epidemic at first but after Natsuno asked him about Okiagari, a term the villagers use for the undead, Ozaki-sensei, as an open-minded doctor, think it IS bc of the Okiagari.

It’s also bc Toshio and his bff, a junior monk called Seishin Muroi witness Nao (a former patient who died, a wife of Mikiyasu and one of Yasumori’s family member) arises from the death and victimized her own mother-in-law, Ozaki-sensei believes in Okiagari even more. More about this character will be discussed in the character section. What I can say for now is she’s a moronic, illogical bitch.

Toshio is even MORE confident when his wife, Kyoko, with cinnamon buns hair gets bitten by, I assume, Tatsumi, the dude with dog ear hair that defy gravity and probably uses so many hair gels to keep that kind of hairstyle. This anime has so many ridiculous hairstyles that even Final Fantasy characters can suck their thumbs. Oh yeah, but still can’t compare to Yu-Gi-Oh’s. Where was I? Oh, dang! These hairstyles are very distracting! So, after Kyoko gets bitten, she arises as shiki and Toshio does a lot of experiments on her while recording it like it’s a snuff film.

He tries to inject so many things into her, even pesticide inside her, but she doesn’t die. He cuts her blood vessel, but doesn’t die. He puts sacred objects such as Buddha statue, she scares of holy things. This is good proof on Shiki, but Toshio doesn’t send it to anybody and only keeps it to himself. Toshio, are you into snuff film??

He then impales Kyoko using a stake, killing her. Seishin comes to see this horrific scene, Toshio is like, “sup? help me with this shit”. Seishin is like “oh hell nawwww!!!! Namu Amida Butsu, may Buddha helps your soul.” And goes away.

With this, Natsuno and Toshio are threatened by the shikis bc they know TOO MUCH. So Tatsumi tells Toru to turn his bff into one of them. Here’s where it’s getting on my nerve.

After knowing that shiki is real, he decorates his room with crosses and talismans. His dipshit dad is angry at this bc he dislikes superstitions and religions, that’s why he and his family move away from Big CITY to a small TOWN in the hope the townspeople will also follow their (Natsuno’s mom & dad’s) thinking. What kind of logic is this? If you go to a smaller place, without much technology to support with, the people will get isolated by modern doctrine. Man, so many illogical shits in this anime.

Natsuno’s (hot but DUMB) dad removes all the crosses and talismans, Natsuno is disappointed but does nothing. TF!!!!!! You can at least put a cross or a talisman or any weapon of your choice inside your pocket, bed, under the bed, under the pillow, or anywhere else near you!!!! AND WHEN THOSE SHIKI BASTARDS COME NEAR YOU, PUT THE CROSS IN FRONT OF YOU!!! JUST LIKE IN THE EPISODE EXTRA WHEN THE CAFE OWNER DO THE SAME THING!!!! OMG!!! This anime has sooooo many BAD plot devices!!!! THIS ANIME WANTS TO MAKE NATSUNO A JINROU SO BAD, THEY USE SUCH A BAD PLOT DEVICE!!!! He has a cross and presses it against Toru’s face. Toru is scared, but Natsuno, being a SUPER genius, throws that away! SHIT!!! This is beyond stupid!!! If you really don’t want to turn into a shiki, keep the cross, dammit!!!

He runs for his life at first. But then he’s cornered by slut and Tatsumi. Slut even said that it’s best to be together in this state, so they can be forever. URGHHH!!!! I almost puke. STOP HAVING A HIGH LEVEL IMAGINATION!! NATSUNO HATES YOU WITH ALL HIS MIGHT!!!

Plot hole alert: when Natsuno is cornered, he’s just 2 cm near a “holy water” source. This holy water is sacred to the village and there’s a spider inside it who likes a guardian of the water. USE THAT, YOU DUMB FUCK!!!

Slut wants to bites him to make him as her sex-slave, but suddenly Toru comes from behind and bites Natsuno. Slut was totally horrified by this. Toru’s reasons for this? Becoming mad from starvation and is afraid, Tatsumi kills his family.

Even tho, Natsuno’s get bitten, he actually still can survive if Toru doesn’t bite him for the second time and the third time. Tanaka’s siblings know this and try to prevent him from getting bit again, they put lots of Hachiman-sama’s (a Shinto and Buddhist deity) talisman inside his room, even stick it into Natsuno’s blanket. It should prevent him to become the food, but his shity dad who is so high and mighty takes these all off and returns them to the siblings and behaves like a shitty brat. Wish I could smack him!!!

Toru comes again the next day. Instead, of running, he offers himself to Toru…… Not romantically! This is not BL anime. He asks Toru to run away to the city with him, and he will become his food. No homo. After so many cow dungs, Natsuno becomes jinrou. But bc he doesn’t come out until later, everyone thinks he’s dead. But actually, he’s been constructing a plan with Toshio to take down shikis.

Here is the best part in this SLOW PACE ANIME! Chizuru, the MILF, wants to have an affair with Toshio. Her DILF husband also helps her. Apparently, he likes NTR. Toshio says that he’s so fed up with these stupid villagers and wish to see it to the very end with his own eyes. Chizuru proceeds to bite him and making him as her slave.

She then flirts with Toshio the next day, compliments him on how obedient he is and Sunako will also love him. Well, not like a couple, love has many meaning. He then asks her for a date bc she actually wants to see November Kagura festival, but is scared of holy and sacred stuffs. HA! Shiki is nothing, Fatal Frame ghost is better they even can wander around the shrine, wait! But they are afraid of cameras. Being undead suck!

They go for a date and Toshio even introduces her to the villagers. She seems to calm down a lot bc of this and wants to enter the festival ground. But after just one step inside, she’s trembling with fear, wants to go back, even ORDERS Toshio to let her go. Toshio pushes her deeper inside the festival ground, even tells the other villager to hold her. That other villager is slut’s dad who immediately feels odd from Chizuru.

The villagers finally realize that Chizuru is a shiki and hunts her down! YESSSS!!!! Been waiting for this for far too long already!!! I’ve waited for 17 eps for them to start a war!!!! Toshio then lead the villagers to hunt these shikis. LET THE HUNT BEGINS!!!!!

Why Chizuru’s order isn’t working? It’s bc Toshio was bitten off-screen by Natsuno in the arm. So Natsuno is the one who can order him around and not Chizuru.

Do you know what happens to the junior monk, Seishin? After his dad gone rouge, he visits the loli bitch, Sunako to suck her loli feet and he becomes the food of the loli bitch and the lolicon butler.

Plot hole alert: the head monk, Seishin’s dad who called Shinmei, invited Shiki to his house. HOW THOSE VAMPIRES CAN ENTER TEMPLE???? They are afraid of sacred stuff. Temple ground ain’t sacred enough for these plot devices?? Chizuru is the proof! She even scares to even go near it! Chizuru scared to even enter the November Kagura festival’s ground and she’s like hundreds yo. Also, loli bitch can even enter the ex-church?? Just for CHEAP plot device’s sake.

Near the end, the writer wants the viewers to take a symphaty to shikis. Since humans turn EVIL by hunting them shikis like squashing slut’s head like a rotten pumpkin with one of her most hated thing, the tractor before impaling her heart. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! SOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOODDDD!!!! But when Japanese Hulk Hogan corners loli bitch and almost kills her IF HE DOESN’T TALK TOO MUCH, Seishin rises as Jinrou in the right time (I thought they need at least a week or less to transform to undead. PLOT HOLE) to KILL Japanese Hulk Hogan after all the preaching he’s done for not killing anybody no matter who they are, he KILLS Japanese Hulk Hogan with one smack. PLOT DEVICE! Loli bitch already ready to die, and lolicon monk preaches again. FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT…. Instead of helping the villagers, he helps his loli master.

Sotoba is on fire, the villagers wish to rescue their village but the fire is already too strong, so the survivors of shiki’s food leave their beloved and simple village. Toshio, Tanaka siblings and Natsuno’s dad are among of the survivors.

Oh. Natsuno? He dies heroically. He battles lolicon butler, Tatsumi, who wants to escape the village. Tatsumi is a sociopath bully who bullies a teenager who CLEARLY far weaker than him…. Natsuno knows this, even tells lolicon butler that he’s weaker than him, and proceeds to push him inside the shiki’s corpses hole, light the dynamite and die together.


The end credits show the Tanaka siblings alive, the red haired woman from the family restaurant and Natsuno’s dad alive while having massive PTSD.


This anime is so fucking slow! It’s ok if it’s slow pace, I love slow pacing IF THEY ARE GIVING MORE INFORMATION AND CHARACTER DEVELOPMENTS. I’m sick of watching people dying every episode and do nothing like a dumb shit! It’s not what happens in the real world. Look at what we’ve become when Covid-19 decided to bestow us with its presence? People bought unnecessary stuff and sealed away their existence like a super hikikomori.

Well, ofc, it’s bc the government told us to do so, but Toshio doesn’t tell the government so they don’t know if there’s an epidemic in Sotoba. But at least, you need to have the feeling and do some preparation. BUT NO!!! They just go on a happy-go-lucky day. Very ignorant. Even tho, it’s for a village standard. If it’s in the city, probably the shiki will die from getting shot or move to Area51 already.

There are tons of characters in this anime, but they are little to no development for those characters, especially for the side characters. They just put their name in the screen when they appear and they gone to the forgotten realm, even their appearances are all forgotten. I don’t know if the manga or the novel make it better or not, what I know is the anime is lacked of character development. This is a very big problem, since I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT SEISHIN’S MOTIVE TO BE WITH THE LOLI BITCH (except for being a lolicon)!!! AND HE’S ONE OF THE MC!!! SHIT! Another example: the rude girl who use buranku doll to speak. GOD!! How I want to slap her and stake her down. I dun give it a fuck if she’s just a kid! A kid should be taught how NOT to be rude! This is NOT cute at all! It’s annoying! That’s why many ppl dislike brats! Why including kids tho? What is her purpose to be in the anime? For loli purpose? Fucking disgusting! I don’t see that this bitch needs to be around, she serves no purpose! And for God’s sake! Using a child?? Dude! Japan IS promoting lolita complex when the world is against it. I know Japan obsesses with cute thing, but nothing is kawaii from having a vampiric kid who is rude and destined to die with a brutality!

Now with the story. Dude, I told you that actually I was down when they are showing bite marks on the patients’ body. But I pushed myself to watch this freaking slowly crawling anime. I don’t regret it at all, in fact, I enjoy it when the villagers hunt down the shikis. I know they (the villagers) are freaking stupid, but I stand with Natsuno, Tanaka siblings, Ritsuko and Toshio’s side. Only these 5 characters are redeemable since I get their motives.

Natsuno is being haunted by slut and his bro is turned by slut too. His dream to get out of the village was shattered by slut and those shikis. My sympathy, man…

Tanaka’s siblings’ parents get turned into shiki by slut just bc slut hates them bc she’s a narcissistic piece of shit. Fuck her! Slut needs to have more brutal death than it has been! Kaori, the eldest of the siblings goes from a meek girl, into a total lunatic who wants to kill Megumi, the slut with her own two hands bc she can’t bear with the haunting anymore from her presumably BFF!! YES!!! That’s what I’m talking about!!! Character development!!! Everybody will be like her too if we are getting pushed into the breaking point!!

Ritsuo and Toshio. They don’t want to be shiki. They are medics. They deem this as an illness. That’s why Toshio finds a lot of ways to cure this! He’s a true doctor! But bc he hunts shiki like making a shish kebab, some shiki’s sympathizers are whining while farting and pooping at the same time for what the villagers did, I want to see those sympathizers when they become the shiki’s food. Will they say, “OK, Here’s my blood for you. I’m delighted to be your food for eternity!” Or! What if one of their family becomes like Ritsuo? Will they force that one person to drink someone’s blood? Or offer their own body? I, myself, don’t want to become a shiki. It’s suck man! I want to remain human since I can eat lots of garlic and I love garlic!! Will the shiki ask my permission on whether or not I want to become a shiki or not?? HELL NO! They just treat you as a food and wait until you are revived or remain dead for eternity.

More for characters’ depth will be in the character’s section. MAN!!! I want to bitching most of those characters!

The story is also full of plot holes. Goddamn! If I notice it, I will put plot hole alert on it.

The one makes me confuse is how those shikis can go inside a temple and church? Even tho, the church is abandoned, but it’s still a holy sacred ground. Muroi also has Buddhist Rosary, so how can she gets so close to him? I also don’t get it, why she’s so offended when people using “-chan” on her? Would she be offended if I call her bitch? Fucking bitch. So many characters get offended for no reason. For what? To look cool?

Also, so many, SO MANY stupid decisions… why?

I’d be lying if I said I don’t like the music. One aspect of this anime is the music. I LOVE it! This anime has 2 opening themes, for me, the best opening in this anime is the first one. The second anime is kinda emo for me. The first opening is like inviting you to the realm of darkness, and the second opening feels like they are blaming fate and needs us to take pity on the shiki. The first opening also has a great visual. I like it when they become skeletons, like it’s a virus.

The art is…………………….. not that suitable for a horror genre…. Those hairs… Those ridiculous styles of hairs…. I mean, it’s artsy, but this is a horror anime. I want to focus with the story, not to fill my mind on how ridiculously the hairstyles are. It even has meme on these weird hairstyles years ago. I was thinking maybe it’s from anime that like Tokyo Ghoul? Which has shounen or seinen vibe on it, but NO! It’s from a horror anime that is not really that horror anyway.

The animation is so smooth!!! I love it!!

Seiyuu in this anime is great. No need to criticize it. Bansai for Japanese Seiyuu. They have seiyuu school in Japan, they are professionals.

The anime is short and slow pacing, I have mix feeling about this anime. But ngl, I only like when the (DUMB) villagers realize that shiki is real and start to hunt them down. I will read the manga since I read that the manga is different from the anime. Might as well read the novel if it’s available in my country. Maybe the novel will give more development of the characters. But for now, the anime isn’t that impressive in my eyes. And I read a lot of good reviews about this anime too. Shame.

It’s not that bad, but for me, it’s not what I expect. Also, Tanaka’s siblings’ development is being buried deep on the deepest ground. They have so much potential, look at Kaori, that’s a massive character development there. Don’t forget about the MAIN character, Natsuno who also doesn’t get any character development until near the end. I don’t know if the manga also like this, will read it when I have free time. Wish that the manga has more characters in depth.



First, we have Natsuno Yuuki/Koide. He’s the official mc of this anime (and manga and novel). He’s rude but reliable. He hates living in Sotoba since he’s actually from a big city. He becomes Jinrou after getting bitten by his one and only BFF, Toru. Even tho he becomes a jinrou, he still in the human side. At first, I don’t have any feelings for him except him being a typical cool anime character. But after seeing how smart he is and still sides with human even after turned into one of those blood sucking shit, I respect him!!! His parents are dumb fuck, especially his dad. I thought his dad is the smartest bc he yelled at a rude + weird shiki brat who throws tantrum like a diarrhea fart! BUT NOOOOO! His ignorant and arrogance is killing me. I don’t know why he’s (Natsuno) so offended by people calling him with his first name. The anime never tells us why. He hates Megumi, so I like him even more.

Natsuno is not a perfect MC bc his character development is shit. His screen time is soooooooooo low for a MC. He also makes stupid decisions. Dude… Put a cross on your neck or any talisman you like. You know, those shikis scare of those kind of thing. You said yourself you don’t want to turn into one, you become insomniac bc of the slut, if you put those talismans, they won’t come near you. If your dad take off those talismans, just put a damn necklace like Jonathan Harker from Bram Stoker’s Dracula. He’s safe bc he forgets he has a cross on his neck from an old lady. God dang! Not that smart, aren’t ya? After I praised you, I think that actually you are not that smart.

But in the end, he’s the real hero of Sotoba. He helps Tanaka siblings to escape and all of Sotoba to be released from the disease. He even sacrifices himself!! My man is the REAL man in this shit hole! Even tho he has like 20% of screen time only, I respect this man as the true MAIN CHARACTER!

Secondary protagonist, even tho, I think he’s more suitable as mc is Toshio Ozaki. This doctor is so passionate about his job, he even uses his shiki wife as an experiment to know more about shiki. He even recorded that snuff film for evidence, BUT he never releases it. Fuck! So stupid! Why everybody in this shit is so stupid?? Just for the continuation of plot sake? Fuck it! Toshio can spread the video worldwide and the shiki hunting will be better! Imagine, every person in that world starting to hunt shikis and maybe we can find out who is the ORIGINAL. Who turns Sunako as shiki. Isn’t it far greater? BUT NOOOOOOO…. author just wants it to become a smol village conflict. Boring….

Toshio keeps blaming on how stupid the villagers bc no one believes him (so we can have that awesome scene where everyone starts to goring on Chizuru), IMO, you are the stupid one, Toshio. You have that legit evidence and you just put it into one of your collections, so you can jerk on it in the future or what? Show it to them! I bet they will believe in you. I won’t believe you either if you suddenly come to me blaring like a maniac that there are vampires in the village. I will think that you already become a crazy lunatic bc you lose a lot of patients and even your wife. But, if you show me that snuff movie you made, maybe I will believe in you but also think that you are a psychopath for doing those shits to your wife. I really start to think he makes that movie for his jerk material now.

Nonetheless, I still have good respect for this man. He’s the one who has the balls to take the risk, even (together with Natsuno) planning how to expose Chizuru in front of all the villagers. MAN! I LOVE THAT SCENE!!! I will love him more if he spreads the movie he made to the world, so the world will hunt down shikis. It will be a very epic shit to watch.

The other protagonist is the junior monk, Seishin Muroi. When this dude came out for the first time, I fell in love with him instantly but then quickly dragged into Avici (not the DJ, the deepest and lowest hell of Buddhism) near the end. And I wish this character is banished to the forgotten realm after the shit ending. Goddammit! He’s so badly written, and it’s making me puke blood. His motive to commit suicide is ridiculous, like most of the hairs of characters in this anime! His motive: Doesn’t want to become the head of a Buddhist temple. (╬⓪益⓪) The anime doesn’t directly tell you, but it’s not too hard to guess it.

He’s a Buddhist monk, he should know that Buddhist believes in karma, not in the presence of god. I mean, God isn’t the one who controls us (Buddhism). God never forsaken humans, it’s our karma that shapes us. When he preaches on not killing others whether it’s human or shiki, I approve of this since he’s a Buddhist monk. Killing is prohibited. But then this HUGE hypocrite proceeds to kill a HUMAN. And this human is just trying to defend his village. You hate becoming a monk so much? Then run away! You DO run away with your loli mistress at the end of the story, tho. Why act high and mighty all this time and suddenly reveal your true color? You ALREADY showed it during your mid/high school time by talking to Toshio, “We shouldn’t do our family business if we don’t want to”. YES! And I agree! Toshio still loves his job as a doctor tho, why you are bitching about that now?? And you are a 32yo LOLICON adult! I fucking hate this loli monk bc I thought he’s like a moral compass character for everyone at first (which usually the character I like, they are level-headed and the one who always support the hot-headed mc), but suddenly he turns into a massive hypocrite by the end of the anime. NGL, I wish he dies with Sunako and the rest of the asshole shikis (like: Masao and the slut). What’s the point of letting him and his loli mistress alive, tho? Redemption? MY ASS! You dipshits are the least bitches who need redemption! What you two need is eternal hell!!!

Also, he let villagers go rampage in his family temple bc he hides the loli bitch in there and does nothing! Except offering prayer to their dead bodies! FUCK YOU, stupid loli priest! The blood is also in your hands! It’s NOT God who forsaken those people, it’s YOU! It’s all bc of you, Seishin! You are the one who forsaken your family, those innocent people, you let them got killed bc YOU DECIDED TO HIDE IN THE TEMPLE WITH YOUR LOLI BITCH. PIECE OF SHIT!!!! It IS all YOU all along that cause this chaos!!!

This lolicon is so full of plot devices and plot armors. He has no motive to be with loli bitch, when his dad disappears, he just goes to Sunako to get bitten (aka becomes their food voluntarily) and in near end, he turns into JINROU just to protect his loli master by KILLING the Ookawa jiji. Fucking disgusting! Not so high on your morality now, huh?

At the end, when Sunako finally wishes to be free from her immortality while blaming God, he urges her to escape with him. FAKKKKKKK!!!! And starts to preach about THE GOD. He turns into an immortal immoral Messiah complex mix with lolita complex. People, people!! This is why you shouldn’t push your kids to have your religion! My friend was forced to follow her parents’ religion when she wants another religion to follow. My other friend is an atheist and gets ostracized by her family. Religion should lead us to harmony and peacefulness, not to become like this lolicon monk with Messiah complex now!

This is also why I’m kinda against Japanese Buddhism, bc the head monk’s son will inherit the temple. They are free, no doubt, something that other monks can’t get, but this is the same as building an empire. Wouldn’t it be better to let the son choose his own path? When he’s born, he already gets the seal of “You will become the head monk of this temple.” Why suddenly I remember the prologue of the movie 3 idiots? Well, it’s kinda the same. Your destiny already been decided by your parents since you are in a fetus. BTW, read my Record of Ragnarok’s rant to know more about Japanese Buddhist monk. Even tho, it’s only (very) minor and it’s the positive one.

Also, his novel is SHIT! He wrote something that he doesn’t know the meaning of it? His novel is about Cain and Abel. As we know, Cain kills Abel bc of jealousy. But his interpretation is bc Cain sees Abel as him? WHAT???

Sunako is the massive BITCH! I will go Hellsing on her! Wash her with the holiest of the holy water! Dry her up under the sun and drown her again! I will let her drink gallons of an SSS grade of holy water every single day so her intestines get burn so bad, her lips start to rip off by themselves but since she can regenerate, I will let her drink it again! I will hold her in a small room with a tiny hole on it, so sunlight will come every morning, and shoot a sun laser beam from that tiny hole, so she needs to suffer the small burn while trying to find a position to defend herself from the light! I FUCKING HATE THIS BITCH!!! Still fucking hate slut Megumi more than this loli bitch, but still FUCKING HATE this bitch!!! She thinks it’s only a game. She thinks if there’s no intention, it’s not killing. What kind of logic is this??? It is still killing! Especially, you kill bc you’re hungry! THAT IS THE INTENTION!!!!! WE ARE KILLERS BC WE EAT MEAT! Don’t think it’s bc we are omnivores, we are clean. We still kill living beings, but since we are on top of the food chain, we kill like it’s nothing. Deep down, we know we are killers, EVEN THOSE PREACHY VEGANS TOO! You think only eating vegetable base food means you are not killing animals?? Dude! You are the same like us! How many insects have you been killed just to keep your vegetables pristine? How many ants have you been stepped during your walk? How many polar bears have you been killed bc you still use electronics?? How many living beings have you been killed bc you build your VEGAN restaurants/shops??? How many living beings need to be sacrificed to build your VEGAN FARM???? Don’t act high and mighty like that dipshit Muroi and his loli bitch since we know we are killers if we use our goddamn logic!!

Funny, how she’s always bitching that she doesn’t want to turn into shiki yet turned everybody into shiki. You belong in hell, loli bitch! This also tells me how MARY-FUCKING-SUE this bitch is! Every single one of those grown-ups bow down to her, licking her loli feet and try to protect her?? WHY??? I don’t see anything special in her! Well, maybe bc I’m not a lolicon. BUT DAYUUUUMMMM!!! This bitch is an idiotic leader, yet Tatsumi still serves this bitch like an obedient lolicon even tho he thinks her decision is stupid. As the most loyal lolicon jinrou slave, Tatsumi should easily dethrone her from the top of her chair. Build a better hierarchy for shiki. Tho, I dun feel anything towards Tatsumi (except how ridiculous his ear-hair is), I think he’s better as the leader of shiki than this loli bitch!

So many people, jinrous and shikis die to protect this loli Mary-Sue… Honestly, bc of this, I kinda side with the humans. BC THIS IS VERY RIDICULOUS!!! The villagers gone insane to survive bc of this bitch! They have motivation to do what they do, but this bitch? Nothing. Absolutely nothing! She’s like a plot device shields with thousands plot armor just bc she’s a loli? Why, even our REAL protagonist, Natsuno, with a sense of justice needs to die and this hunders yo loli bitch get multiple redemptions?

Loli bitch even blames the GOD for what she did. Seriously! How stupid can you be?? If you live for hundreds of years, you should probably don’t care about God anymore. The one who should ask for this maybe those victims and their family of yours! I know, you are also the victim too from a man who looks like ancient Edmond Dantes from FGO, but SHIT!! You are not the only one, you know! Don’t act like you are the one who is the most pathetic piece of garbage in this whole universe! At least, you find your own happiness with your family even tho it’s for a short time, at least you taste what happiness nectar is. What about Lenneth? Shit! I don’t know why? But I suddenly remember Platina from Valkyrie Profile. That sweet sweet lady dies without knowing any parents’ love or even to get to be together with Lucian! She dies bc Ragnarok almost in time and after she dies, she doesn’t remember her past as Platina and proceeds to go to war. What about you?? You were loved by your real parents back when you were a human, you were rich, you build your own family with Chizuru and Seishiro, and YOU! Bc of your greediness! Destroy other people’s lives! And you proud of that! And when you are at the bottom of your shit, you blame God??? You should blame yourself for being greedy! You ate those servants every single day when they brought food to you and I bet, after you went out, you victimized many humans too. Yes, you were a child back then, but you gain experiences from time to time, why you can’t open your own eyes?? Or even have a DAMN LOGIC??? BAD WRITING!!!!

P.S: I’m not even that religious, and I know I shouldn’t blame God/Gods (depend on what religion you believe). Like I said, I do believe in karma. You reap what you sow.

Sunako said that she doesn’t want to become the enemy of God, but you make your enemy, bitch. You start the war against Sotoba. If you just live there, without spreading your disease, I bet you can live there for maybe 20 years or so before ppl think that you guys are sus.


Plot hole alert: loli bitch wants to read Seishin’s emo novel in which big bro kills his own lil bro and orders her minion to take it from Seishin. AGAIN, HOW THOSE VAMPIRES CAN ENTER TEMPLE??????? Chizuru scares to death when she nears a festival ground. A. FESTIVAL. GROUND.

Sotoba and those people’s life are destroyed bc of you! (Except for slut, she enjoys it). If only that Japanese Hulk Hogan doesn’t talk too much, he’d killed that loli bitch in no time! If you want to build a town of shikis, this is NOT the best choice, you dumb bitch! Just bc it’s secluded, doesn’t mean it won’t get any sus from the neighboring’s town or village! You can’t build your hierarchy anymore, people will hunt you down! What’s the point of having this town anyway? If you want to build a save heaven for your “family” better to find a new place, far away from everything, like in iZombie (watch that TV series. LOVE it! So hilarious! I sometimes rewatch it from time to time), they want to build zombie heavens by infected all others, people begin discriminated each other, like “EW! Z word! Don’t come near me!”

I know, the author wants to imply that humans can be so evil, but I need motives! I need to know why so many idiots want to help this WEAK-ASS MORONIC loli bitch? Don’t just give me a half excuse like Tatsumi. FUCK! I will smack that incompetent bitch in one punch before smacking down her fragile body from the rooftop! WWE STYLE!!! She has a kid body doesn’t mean I need to take a pity on her! She has the conciousness of old bitch. Loli bitch can’t do anything at all without her lolicon servants. If author wants to use a “kid” to be the victim, then the author has a brain a tiny as anchovies’ poop. I’m not stupid, she’s an immortal being, she can’t age anymore, but her brain can, yet she still STUPID. She should DIE already!

Tanaka Siblings… Oh boy… Oh, Jesus… They have a great potential. They are the first people along with Natsuno who knows wth is wrong with Sotoba. They are eager to make it stop. They are great characters, especially Kaori. She turns from a meek, shy character to a psychotic girl bc she’s afraid slut will kill her. Sadly, it’s not her to make the bitch smack on that bitch. It’d be great if Kaori is the one who smacks slut’s face while slut cries in pain while calling for help and the villagers notice this and drags her out. Her parents too, see her and yelling “you are not my daughter anymore!!” and proceeds to stab her multiple times on her fucking face! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I’m super evil!!!

Slut Megumi is the at the top of my most hated character in this anime. She hates everything and everybody except herself and Natsuno. But Natsuno feels annoyed by this slut. Again, not slut shaming bc of her clothes, I will dress like that too sometimes, but I slut shamming her bc she’s a slut with that personality! She hates Kaori WHO IS ONE AND ONLY FRIEND SHE HAS! Kaori cries so much when slut dies. Kaori always cheers slut with her dream to go to the big city (to sell her body). Kaori faces Natsuno to hand him slut’s postcard to him. Kaori is doing her best to help slut, but slut HATES her! Slut even cheerfully said, “It’s good to see people you hate suffer.” What a BITCHHHHHH!!! OMG!!! If I were Natsuno, I’d made passionate love with Kaori in front of the slut and produce weird hair babies. TF is wrong with this selfish bitch?

I hate her since the first time she comes out to the screen. In this ONE episode, she keeps whining about how cool Natsuno is. Her obsession towards Natsuno has already become a degree of being an unhealthy obsession and a massive stalker. She always stands near Natsuno’s room window EVERY SINGLE FRIGGIN NIGHT! She also always wishes to leave Sotoba and move to the big city. BIIIIIIIITTTTTCCCHHHHH…. you will get sold! I heard too many stories already. A village girl with a million big ass dreams wants to go to the big city but ends up being a prostitute. Sometimes, if she’s lucky, she will get what she wants, but I’ve heard and seen too many already. Evil shit ass humans using innocent women to be their money milker, especially in JAPAN! Watch this video below!

Thank you for this very informative video: Nobita from Japan

This slut reminds me of any slut that I’ve read in the news. A bitch. Looks like a Richie-rich but actually broke as fuck, stupid but pretends to be smart and SUPER bitchy. Treats people like dirt, even sells (freely) her body to gain popularity. Until one day, people dig on her dirt. Then goes viral and suddenly disappear after the “viral potion” loses its effect.

I get it! You hate this small rural village. But will you survive in the city by your own? You will either get sold in the human trafficking or into organ trafficking! Hey, I know humans suck! You dress a bit too much and people will whisper behind your back. Shut up! It’s only a dress and if it’s perfect with her, it’s perfect, don’t be jealous, but for fuck’s sake! I don’t understand why she hates Kaori so much? If I were a dude, I will marry that sweet lady already. I don’t want to marry a stalker with a massive ego and brainless broad.

Nao, this broad also a very hypocrite piece of garbage. She turns her family member one by one, starting from her OWN SON who is STILL a kid. She wishes to turn all her family members as shikis so they can live together once more, but instead, nobody in her family rises up. She’s so angry and accuses her sister-in-law for being the culprit for inviting the Kirishiki family. BBBBBIIIIIIIITTTTTCCCCCCCHHHHHHH!!! I’d kick your flat boobs!!! It doesn’t matter who invites them first, you KILL your family for your own selfishness! And this is yet another PLOT HOLE.

Plot hole alert: (this enters a bit of the manga realm) I read about Seishirou on the fandom page bc I want to know more about him. This fluffy hair dude doesn’t get many screen times, maybe bc his voice is provided by Gackt with a probability much higher payment than any other seiyuu and the studio can’t afford it, that, or maybe Gackt is bad at being seiyuu, hot voice tho. I notice every time, there’s a character in anime with Gackt as seiyuu on it, that character doesn’t get many screen times or dialogues, for example: Dante from Sket Dance. So, I read about this dude and actually in manga, he has more screen time. He hates his family, Chizuru ate his family but his family didn’t arise, so Chizuru said that if she ate him too, he won’t become shiki since his parents didn’t arise. SO! In Nao’s case, Chizuru should have said that too to her! But instead, she lets other shiki eats her mother-in-law too. *Speechless*

Nao, the fucking dumbass bitch, needs to learn how to suck up her patheticness. She’s orphans, ain’t got no family y’all. She’s married to a great family who loves her to death. Her in-laws are so good to her, she even said it to the cafe owner. Hey, I’m happy for you! To be able to get along with your in-laws are great especaially in Asian society. Yet, this bitch repays them with venomous bites. She feasts upon her own family, even her own kids. Motherfucker! She bites them bc she wants them to turn into one of them. When Toshi wants to protect the grandma, she lets all shikis to feast upon HER OWN MOTHER just so her mother (in-law) could turn into shiki. Her plan 100% failed, nobody in her LAW family turns into shiki. This bitch is so stupid, her death is not brutal enough for me. Brain is free! Logic is FREE! Nao doesn’t seem to have any intellectual disability, she should stop after 2 – 3 victims don’t turn. Where’s that fucking whore MILF? She knows this! I read the fandom stating she doesn’t want to turn that DILF, bc his parents didn’t turn into one, so if she bites him, he will 100% die. She could tell that stupid imbecile about this! If I were the law, I’d banished her to hell!

Nao, this ungrateful piece of shit, also blames her sister-in-law. She says that not only her who invites MILF and DILF to enter their house, her sister-in-law too, invite those people inside their house, but only her gets the bite. You need to give a permission for these old type of creatures to enter your house. Hey! I love it! The author remains true to the vampire’s can’t and can. Oh, so you draw the victim card now? And the victim turns into a hunter now? This bitch ain’t got no compasion on her. So ungrateful! If I were Nao, I’d kill myself after turning into one of them. I don’t want to kill my own family for a bullshit reason: so we can live happily ever after. NO!!! They are no such thing as a happily ever after when you need to rely on one creature as your food source. Watch: Daybreakers ffs! Even tho, the movie hasn’t come out in your era yet, at least, use some goddamn logic! What will you do when your food supply aka humans are all gone bc of you? More shiki = more food. You can’t produce it by your own and human lifecycle is not as fast as other mammals. Can you do clone? Nope? Congratulation then, you practically doom already, It’s only a matter of time. With this reason, I don’t want to have my BELOVED family to suffer from this, especially if you are an immortal being, you will suffer this for eternity. Nao is not only stupid, pretentious, selfish and ungrateful shit, she’s also a sociopath who will do anything for her own bullshit logic!

Japan Hulk Hogan. I forget his name (I wrote this before I plastered their pic). But I sort of remember his son’s name, Atsushi. He’s pretty abusive towards his son. He’s a typical muscly man in every anime. Has str beyond hundreds bears, he even can stop a jeep! He’s my fave character in here. Believe it or not, I like character who less talk but can do shit CORRECTLY. Like Daryl Dixon. People like him bc he’s the badass of the group! This J-Hulk Hogan too is that type. I don’t condone to his abusive behavior to Atsushi, but I like it when he sees Atsushi becomes shiki and growls at him. Making Atsushi pisses his pants. Atsushi becomes so scared, he forgets that he’s there to rescue his woman with that DILF. God… what is good from Chizuru anyway? I don’t want to be infected with STD. If only J-Hulk Hogan isn’t talking too much, he can smack that loli bitch already to death! Again, I don’t condone to violence, but this old loli bitch is unbearable! Why people lick her feet? Is it bc they are lolicon? Yeah! Must be it! Her logic is dumber than characters in dumb and dumber, yet people keep following her. Bad writing!!

To the next characters: DILF and MILF. Chizuru is fucking disgusting, I can see that she’s already infected with blood sucking STD. She’s only showing off her own skin to younger men, especially when she already has a great husband with weird fluffy cloud hair and a soothing voice, produces by emo-jiji, Gackt. Dude! Her husband even help her to do NTR in front of his very own eyes! Talk about kinky. GOD! I love when Toshio tricks her into the festival! When people start to realize Chizuru is a shiki, I love to see them Thor Hammer-ed her!!! OHHHHH!! The joy!!! THE JOY!!! Took you long enough to start a war!

They are not a very good written characters! TF?? MILF is there to be sacrificial shit to start the war and DILF is just there for the sake of being there?? DILF’s ending is shit! He just kills himself, like a burning man after his role is over. SIGH! Maybe the manga portrayal of them is better. Really hope so!

Plot hole alert: Chizuru and all shikis are afraid of the festival (something sacred and holy), but that dumb Atsushi drives into the festival to rescue his MILF. What??? He doesn’t afraid of the festival, but afraid of his dad. Stupid dumb fuck! I guess he doesn’t afraid bc of MILF’s boobs power!

Plot hole alert AGAIN: During the special OVA, villagers do the hunting spree on shiki. Here we can see how they become insane. But this is not the plot hole. The plot hole that I notice is HOW TF 4-5 shikis are sleeping during the hunting yet other shikis who hide deeper inside the tunnel are awake. Even saying how fun it is. What? You turn into stupid or what? How some shiki are sleeping while those in the tunnel are not?? STUPID motherfucker!

Tatsumi is one of the IDIOT! He certainly is strong but he licks lolicon bitch’s feet for far too long and only serves as a butler. Seriously, he wears that butler costume so he can lick his mistress’ loli feet even more! He clearly can smack loli bitch and claim the throne. Heck! He even said that loli bitch’s dream is so moronic, yet bc of some bullshit reason still licks her feet. If he admits he’s a lolicon, it’s more believable than any bullshit horse dung cow crap he spews. He said something like “it’s loli bitch’s charm that draws him”. Yeah, being a lolicon, you must already get charmed by that loli bitch in the first glance. Fuck this weird-haired that defies gravity and science piece of shit! His role is to become a plot shield for loli bitch and bc he’s a jackass nobody would like, he needs to die at the end of this anime and his role is taken by loli monk. His job is: licking loli bitch’s feet, digs those victims’ grave, licking loli bitch’s feet, licking loli bitch’s feet, licking loli bitch’s feet, serving meal for loli bitch, DILF and MILF, licking loli bitch’s feet, kidnaps someone to be the food for newly awaken shiki, licking loli bitch’s feet, licking loli bitch’s feet, licking loli bitch’s feet, licking loli bitch’s feet, licking loli bitch’s feet, brainwashed newly awaken shiki, licking loli bitch’s feet, licking loli bitch’s feet, licking loli bitch’s feet, licking loli bitch’s feet, licking loli bitch’s feet, NEVERENDING licking loli bitch’s feet. THESE are his jobs. FUCK this!

Other characters are not too remarkable. They just show their faces, slap some name plate on them and POOF! They are gone, just to be shown in the last screen time. Jesus… I really hope the manga has more character development than this.

The one and only who has ball and keeps his word true until his very end is Natsuno! He hates shiki! He turns into one, he still helps humans! Dude gets my big respect for him! He even doesn’t care about living anymore. All he wants is to kill all shiki and free humans from this epidemic. He even kills himself along with Tatsumi for this. Saying that “I’ve been dead for a long time” He has the same logic as me! SHAME! He gets so little scene for the mc crown. Instead, we get lots of loli bitch and lolicon monk who are super hypocrites and think they are the one who are right with their twisted morality.

Toshio is kinda stupid too, if I were him, I’d spread the video of Kyoko after turning into shiki on every platform. Oh yeah, at that time social media isn’t a thing, so I’d spread it on TV and news, so everyone will be aware of shiki since loli bitch is getting away with her new loli slave. The probability of them doing the same idiotic mistake for the second time is high. Let people in the world know about them and hunt them down for eternity! Let people be aware there’s this creature who hunts human being like food!

If I turn into shiki or any undead with consciousness, I will burn myself into the sunlight! I will purge myself! If I become the ultimate vampire aka jinrou, I will try every single thing to kill myself. I don’t want to harm any other human beings. I’m not acting high and mighty like that loli monk, I just don’t want to be controlled by my own hunger. Fuck! I’m already giving up the idea of diet, I know I’m a gluttonous fuck, if I became a shiki, my hunger will control me even more than now and I don’t want to live being controlled by my grumbling stomach every single night. Especially when I need to hunt my own meal. Fuck that! I can’t use Uber eats or DoorDash to order one set of B+ blood type, female with big boobs around 30-35 yo, extra spicy meal if I were a shiki. Besides that, dead should be remained dead. It shouldn’t be lingering in this world anymore. That’s why we have the circle of life. I support Ritsuko for this!

If my family or friends turn into shiki too, I won’t hesitate to kill them. It’s not my rights to determine your fate to be alive or to be killed, but you’ve been dead! Again, dead should be remained dead. That’s why ghosts need to be sent back to where they belong, so they can prevent themselves from being evil entities. Humans are already evil enough, don’t let the sin run deeper than it should be. I’m not a sin expert, I also don’t know what will happen to us when we die, but I do believe in karma. As long as you live, you are bound to karma. No matter what you are or where you are, karma will always follow you. Heck, I also don’t want my friends or family to become massive hypocrites like that loli bitch and lolicon monk.

Look at Toru, he’s a good boi, he does not want to kill his bff, Natsuno, but bc he’s hungry, he bit him. Well, this and also for another reason, Tatsumi, the loli-bitch first bitch orders him to bite Natsuno or else, Tatsumi will kill all Toru’s family. HOOOOO! So much for high and mighty stuff you said, Sunako??? “We just want to survive” MY ASS!

Don’t these idiots vampire ever watched Daybreakers starring Ethan Hawke?? It’s a world where vampire percentage is far higher than the humans, and those vampires are starving to death since humans are scarce now. They start to eat themselves bc of the starvation and turn into ugly shits. If they never watch it, they need to have this logic! If your food source is getting fewer, then you should be worried (if 90% of humans turn into vampire, what will they eat after that?? Dog’s blood??). Like pandas for example, they’re almost extinct aka endangered species, so the government takes an action to preserve them so they don’t go DoDo bird on us or else we couldn’t see this stupidly cute panda anymore.

The same goes to the human race. Look at Japan or Taiwan or any country with low birth rate, the government is afraid about the future of their country. My friend who is a kindergarten teacher (who has anxiety over EVERYTHING) afraid that she won’t have a job in the future bc people either won’t get married or having a child anymore. These, a society with a structure. Even tho, I don’t see this problem (teachers not having a job) in the near future, some people are already scared of it. The elders of my family start brainwashing me saying that I should get married and have a good life with my family that I created soon, even tho I haven’t even finish my bachelor degree yet. And even tho, I finish my study, I don’t want to get married yet! I’m still too young, I want to be free, all my youth moment gets absorb by shitty part-time and study, I need some me time to find who I truly am. But I can feel how (absurd) panic people with the future.

What about shiki? Their leader, a bitch loli who is soooooo dumb, it hurts to have her to live this long. Why?? Shouldn’t the older you get, the wiser you become? But why? WHY this dumb bitch is so dumb, I wish I’m the one who kill her. She doesn’t know any governmental structure or any basic society structure, all she knows is “I’m hungry, I eat.” That’s all. She doesn’t care if one day a NON-lolicon powerful brainful Jinrou who literary more useful than her, dethrones her. Fuck! She even never thinks about that, huh? She’s too happy-go-lucky. Being the eldest among your peers doesn’t mean you are smart. For fuck’s sake! I wish Natsuno dethrones her, drag her limbless body with her hair and proceeds to let human beat the shit out of this virus.

I HATE Japan legalizing loli shit! We are battling rapist pedos, but Japan tries to legalize loli and shota! This is very disgusting! I don’t mean to say that Japan is a pedo country, I know why they like loli and shota, bc they like cute thing, but even with this, my Japanese teacher also feel disgusted too. She told me, this is why Japan can’t grow up, everything needs to be cute, like J-idols, they can’t be sexy, they need to be cute. When they reach a certain age, most of them turn into AV idols, bc they are already past their prime time of cuteness.

Shiki isn’t a superior being anyway. They suck! Living as a shiki SUCK! Why? You fall asleep instantly during daylight, your body shut itself during that time, you can’t bathe any sunlight anymore (which what I like to do during early morning with my dogs), you are afraid to holy stuff (which again, I dislike since I like Buddhist prayer beads and omamori and festivals ALOT for me it’s an art), you can’t eat food (which I LIKE A LOT!!! Especially SWEETS and FRIED CHICKENS!), you depend on blood like a drug addict, when you starve, your hunger will take control of you. IF it’ based on European vampire, you are afraid of silver and garlic which is SUCK! Since I love GARLIC ALOT!! Yeah, yeah, I’m a fatass bc I keep talking about food, but to be scared by mere garlic?? BAHHHHH!!! Not what I want for the rest of my eternal life!

Jinrou on the other is far superior to shiki tho. They can live like a normal human but still need to feed themselves blood. But again, I don’t want to become a jinrou. I don’t want to live an eternal life just to be a stupid illogical loli bitch’s slave. If not become a slave, I still need blood to maintain my energy and I don’t want to kill humans.

Humans, as we already know, are weak both mentally and physically. We are evil being. They kill other humans from the temple bc they think they are hiding that loli monk. This IS very WRONG!!!! Killing fellow humans when your target actually is shiki. I know they are desperate and suddenly go insane. But you guys go to the temple whenever you need funerals or any religious stuff or any help! You suddenly forget the temple’s sacrifices for you guys and act irrationally. You don’t need to kill them if you just want to look for the loli monk.

I know Kirishiki just want a base for themselves to call home, but DUDE!!! DUDEEEEE!!! IF you really succeeded to turn Sotoba into your shiki base, you need to kidnap people from other village or people from city, right? Who will do it? All of you? Suppose to say that Sotoba has 600 shikis now, 300 shikis go outside to hunt, so there will be 300 people who suddenly disappear all around Japan, won’t this rise any suspicion? This is why the vampire remains a legend. Maybe there is/are vampire(s) irl, but they are smart bc they don’t want to get hunt or losing their food source. Especially in this modern day when MOST humans think more with brain, they don’t want to have children bc they know they can’t afford or can’t educate them. GOOD for them, BTW! Also, I watched Seth MacFarlane’s cartoon in which a vampire wants to suck blood from his victim, but runs an HIV test before digs his teeth on his victim’s neck. Get what I mean? There are many unhealthy humans now, this also reduces vampires’ food source. Yet again, If there are more vampires than the food, how can they survive? Maybe they can come out and say, “Hiya, fellow living being, I’m Count Chococula, I wish to become your friend!” But will society accept the cheerful Count Chococula? I don’t think so. Count Chococula will probably end up like Frankenstein. DAMMIT!! This is why aliens won’t come to make a friend with us! I wish Pupu from Final Fantasy is real and becomes our friends!!!!

When the table has turned against Shiki, suddenly we need to pity them?? What’s the point? They are the ones who behave like those humans at first, killing for their stomach, turning the village into chaos like it’s their farm. When the humans behave like them, suddenly some people think the humans are at fault?? TF is wrong with that logic? Both sides in this anime are stupid (except for my fave characters), but to support shikis just bc humans starting to hunt them like what shikis do to them for the first time (like almost 3/4 of the episodes, we watch humans get bitten and left either dead or turned into shiki against their will), I don’t feel any pity for those shikis at all (especially the slut who abuse Kaori like that). The humans also just want to survive from being the food or turn into shiki AGAISNT THEIR WILL just like that loli bitch said earlier over and over “we just want to survive”. Yeah! Same like the humans, you stupid bitch and loli monk! But guess what?? You guys are the one who start this first! Suck on that!

If you ask me which side I chose in this anime, I’d say neither. Sure, my rant seems to defend the humans, but actually I talk about generally. Not the humans in this anime. Humans in this anime are stupid! Only Natsuno, Tanaka siblings and Toshio are the smart one. Oh, almost forget, that Ookawa dad, the big and loud old man who has the str of 100 hulks. He’s also a great character near the end. He kills his own son bc of a very Asian parenting reason. He kills his own son bc Atsushi commits a sin by killing Toshio’s mom. Tough love from daddy.

Others can suck their own blood. Since we’ve baptized by the modern doctrine, we can’t believe in such nonsense? Talk that to UFO enthusiastic and ghost hunters wannabe. The humans in this anime are unbelievably ignorant. The same goes for the shikis, bunch of mentally disturbed shitty vampires. I do believe shiki and humans can co-exist as long shiki doesn’t KILL people like swatting a fly! They need food, but they do not need to bite them, just use period woman’s pad and you can serve it like a tea bag. OK! That’s gross! But what I mean they can get blood from everywhere. Look at that NTR DILF. He’s OK with having a shiki wife.

This is like our normal life, but instead of vampires vs humans, it’s a race war that still exists till this very day! But many people are changing their mind and don’t care about race anymore as long as you DON’T KILL other innocent beings.

All of them are hypocrites (except for Natsuno, Toshio and Tanakas), especially Seishin. Your novel is shit, Seishin!

EDIT: While I was in the middle of cooking my dinner, Ritsuko and Toru’s face came out of my mind. Especially Ritsuko. She never wants to become a shiki, even tho she’s already becoming one, she wants to become a vegan shiki. Do they ask about Ritsuko’s choice? NOOOOOO!!! They just bite the poor woman and turn her into them without her consent. So, in my conclusion, this stupidity won’t even happen if shiki doesn’t ambush humans first! Guess, my final verdict on Human vs Shiki in this anime is: I support humans more than shiki. I don’t mind shiki, undead, vampire or whatever live among us, as long as they are not this stupid! Best they even don’t think about revealing themselves in the near future, or else they will get hunted since humans are pussy and afraid of everything but still curious about anything. Maybe in the far future, every living being could live in harmony.

Life is full of differences, we learn from these differences. This IS what I learn from this anime.

Author failed to make me sympathetic towards shiki bc of their idiotic reasoning and massive hypocrisy. At least, in the human case, we already know: human is coward, human sucks, human is evil, when human is scared of something, they will do anything to survive. Just like what the shikis do to them. FUCK! You guys (shikis) WERE humans too! You should know better! If humans suddenly hunt down shiki for no reason, I know I can sympathize with them. Just like those poor animals or humans who get murdered for no apparent reason. That, we can feel tremendous sadness for them, but these dipshit shiki are the one who declare war first. Ain’t got no time to sympathize with their stupidity and bullshit logic and crocodile tears.

Fiuh… This concludes Shiki’s rant. Believe me when I said I spend half of year to write this. I rewatched it several times so I can put myself on the human shoes and the shiki shoes. I put myself on every character in this anime despite lack of character development, I even put myself of the loli monk’s shoes, but I can’t. I’m not a lolicon pretentious hypocrite. When I put myself on Sunako position, I also can’t, since I’m not a fucking idiot. Look at what you’ve done who bitch! You killed most of the villagers with your idiotic logic! And only you who get the redemption??? The only one I can relate to is Ritsuko and Tanaka siblings. Ritsuko since I don’t want to turn into an idiot blood lust being. Tanaka siblings bc they just want to survive. With Natsuno, I also can’t, despite him being my fave character too, I can’t bc he shows dumbness in Tohru’s episode when he finally gets bitten. I will certainly carve Buddhist Sutra on my skin to repel those shitty vampires. Try to put Toshio’s shoes, but I can’t either. I will certainly broadcast that snuff film that I made starring my wife.

Conclusion: 3.3/5.0 STARS. It’s a so-so anime. Wish they have more episodes so they can explore more about these characters. Maybe, if they are not too focusing on”victim of the week” (meaning: every victim per episode), they can explore character depth more. I really wish the manga will be better than this. It’s a good concept, seeing the perspective of humans and shiki, if it’s done right. Even tho, I know shiki is doomed already. Will see with the manga. For now, the anime has so many potential gone wasted. Great music and animation anyway. Animation is GREAT! Music IS SUPREME!

p.s. WordPress is really killing meeeeeeeee!!!!! It’s so fucking slow!! The more paragraph that I write, the slower it becomes!!! What nonsense is this???

Thank you for reading. Just a reminder, I’m not a critique, I’m not a professional reviewer, I only write my opinions.

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