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I’m so MAD at Madhouse Studio. STUPID Madhouse Studio ruined this great manga. TF, man!!! Can’t really thank you, except for giving you a bad stamp!


BLOOD and GORE anime. No child or underage or someone with weak mind should enter this realm. You’ve been warned! Many inappropriate languages!

I’ve covered the manga Claymore before. I don’t know what to watch after 2 abomination animes that I watched from Production I.G. I’m still writing those two animes’ rant, it took me so long to write those 2 pure bitching rants, mainly bc I’m having nightmare fuel and PTSD when I write those fucking bullshit animes. I will upload it soon, I hope. So, after I have been brain short-circuited by those 2 shitty anime from Production I.G., I suddenly remember about Claymore. That great manga can cure my insanity caused by those 2 abomination animes, so I proceeded to watch the anime. And… it’s not what I expected…


It’s all the same with the manga, until the Pieta part. Dude! I just… I… I… I really don’t know…. I’m so speechless… so, I’m gonna ask, WHY???????????????????????????????????

They change it to a totally different ending. WHYYYYYYYYYYY??????????????????? Why did you change it?? It’s already perfect the way it is!

They butchered all that greatness with THE Seven Ghosts and then jumped into the ending. The ending is bitch Priscilla suddenly remembers her past and turns into her Awaken Being and still a super narcissistic like Amber Turd, blaming Teresa for everything. At least, she doesn’t shit on someone’s bed.

Then Clare, who almost turns into her Awaken Being bc of the battle with Rigaldo, chases after that turd who keeps being a denial shit to a volcanic mountain. This is where this anime turns into a turd. In the manga, Raki never meets with Clare until he fully becomes a REAL MAN NEAR the end of the manga. But in the anime, Raki who is still a snotty brat, meets with her again, he even knows who Priscilla really is even before she gains her memory and turns into an Awaken Being. Raki sees Priscilla eats somebody’s offal in one scene while fake cries about her papa, mama, onii-chan and onee-chan. Raki then tries to stop her… Come on! It feels so forced! The writing in this anime is SUPER BAD! The animation in this scene also SUPER BAD!!

The Awaken Priscilla tortures, Miria, Helen and Deneve while keeps blaming Teresa/Clare for killing her family. This forces Clare to semi-awaken herself. Priscilla turns into some Vegeta shit. They begin smacking each other butts and Clare wins. DUH!

This scene becomes a heavy pile of turd BECAUSE!!! That damn brat piece of crap, Raki, hugs Clare saying that she shouldn’t kill that hypocrite bitch. DA FAAAACKKKKK???? Shut your trap, you piece of shit! Tell me that when Isley trains your weak ass into a strong ass first!! So what Clare does? She doesn’t kill that fucking bitch, instead, she kills Jean like the manga bc she can’t turn back to human anymore. With Jean gets killed by the hand of Clare, she regains her humanity again. She’s so sad and cries WHILE ISLEY SNATCHES BACK HIS MASTER. JESUS CHRIST! And he even delivers an epic line:


DOUBLE JESUS CHRIST!!! WHY????? In the manga Isley licks her feet bc he was afraid someday his ass will get beat by the bitch. So he pretends to be her slave but secretly trains Raki to defeat the bitch one day.

And you know what is worse?? This IS THE ENDING OF THE ANIME.


What a total


This anime can be good if they follow the manga. I won’t point out the manga’s shitty moments in here, I’ve covered that long ago (Claymore). While the manga is not perfect, at least, I enjoy it. It covers almost the thing that we should know. Oh! And THE MANGA DEVELOPS THE CHARACTERS.

The anime forgets about CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT after they get canceled. So they rushed to the bullshit ending. It will be better if they kill off the bitch, but NOOOOOO!!! “Maybe we will get a renewal in the far far far future,” they thought and keep bullshiting themselves with this bullshit dream.

It’s actually good at first since they follow the manga. Heck, I even praise them when they erase the scene when Sid kisses Clare. Sexual harassment much??? I’m in all honesty, can’t fathom why back in the era of 2000-ish, many manga, especially shoujo have this kind of scene, this behavior is acceptable? Kissing a FeMC without her consent. Sid even isn’t MC. He only gets that one chapter in Rabona and gone for a long time just to be shown in the final battle in manga. So, anime, good job. I really don’t want to see that kissing scene. I mean, the chemistry between they is good, but again, Sid only gets that ONE chapter and he needs to wait until the very last battle.


Remember that one scene with the crazy bitch Ophelia? Where she needs to be a plot trigger so Clare and Raki go separate way, so Clare can meet with Irene to get her right hand? Remember how they go their own way? THAT scene! Raki doesn’t want to leave Clare with that psychotic bitch, starts throwing tantrums, and Clare kisses him!

This gif is really what my face really looks like when I watched that. ESPECIALLY!!!! WHY THE HELL DO THEY NEED TO REWIND CLARE KISSES RAKI OVER AND OVER AGAIN??? Raki is an underage brat and Clare is an adult!! I tried to erase this from my memory bc of how gross it is! Just bc you are a woman, it doesn’t mean you can’t become a pedo!!! This is very disturbing! My PTSD is coming back bc of those rewind pedo kissing scene.

Seems like Yagi-sensei (the mangaka) only knows kissing as a plot. If I were Clare, I’d shake Raki really hard while yelling, “listen to me, you lil’ twat!!”


I forgot about that disgusting scene already, the manga only shows you once, but the anime… Oh, Lord… W.T.F??? Raki, in his puberty, keeps thinking about that kiss.


The animation is a blast! It’s not perfect, but for that time, it’s good! BUT!!!! The animation becomes SHIT near the end. I notice it when Raki finds out Priscilla eats the human while fake crying… it’s really terrible. We maybe suppose to take sympathy for this bitch, but since she doesn’t show any emotion while eating her favorite food aka human innards, I can’t feel anything except annoyance for this hypocrite bitch.

This scene shows me how shit the anime becomes. This scene is NOT the part of manga, btw. While eating, Priscilla suddenly cries for her family WHO if you read the manga, is eaten by herself, especially her papa. She finds out her papa is the village yoma, kills him and eats him. Only a psychopath will do this.

Back to the anime scene. She FAKE TEARLESS CRYING for her family like Turd in the court while keeps stuffing her shitty mouth. Jesus… I really can feel the studio’s laziness after this scene and it gradually becomes worse. Not only the animation become shit, the writing also becomes super shit.

So many characters ain’t got no development and left behind just like that! I LOVE Isley in the manga, but I kinda hate him in the anime. Motherfucker ain’t do nothing except being a pretty boy. In the manga, tho he only gets like 10 chapters more or less, he has character development. We can see his “humanity” side. He becomes a great mentor for Raki, who turns into a refined man. He’s the “father” of Raki, a HUMAN, who he thinks very dearly till his un-epic death. YEAH! I’m still sour on how he dies. Here, he just like “ん? なるほど” And then proceed to bullshit about that damn Priscilla. Goddamn, man. I have eyes, I know what happens. That’s why I watch the anime. I don’t need you to tell me what is happening when I can watch it with my own two eyes.

With this anime that get butchered so damn hard, I feel that Riful bitch, serves so little. I already dislike her for being an idiot in the manga, now she serves as 100% purely explanatory for Clare to know that Priscilla brat is with Isley in North. Dude…

What a waste, at least in the manga, Riful’s idiotic decision makes another powerful awaken being.

And FUCK man! We don’t get to see Alicia and Beth (the number 1 and 2 in Clare’s generation) in action. I think these two are cool in manga and wish to see them in action, but it’s just a dream…

The music is cool, but some are not fitting into the scene.

So that’s it. That’s all for the anime of Claymore. What a waste of a good source. If you can’t finish it till the very end, don’t make it in the first place, dammit.

Update: Goddammittttttt!!! I’m so sleep deprived lately, I forget to write the most important part. THE SHITTY ENDING!!!

Fucking shit! You get any renewal! Just ends that turd’s life already. I HATE RAKI!! I HATE HIM IN HERE!!!! I never hate him in the manga, despite many people dislike/hate him. He grows up from a whiny brat into a real HOT man! But here, in the anime! He super lacking in character development! He has ZERO shit in this anime except being a plot shielder for that fucking turd. TF?? Just let Clare kills that shit! Ends of the story! You WILL NEVER GET ANY RENEWAL!!! Stop dreaming of it!!!! What makes me have this shitty feeling is how hypocrite Raki is in here! He preaches that Clare shouldn’t go that way. Meaning becoming like turd. Oh, so you want this bitch turd running a rampage to kill every single human in the world using her shittiness? This turd hails as the greatest awaken being in the history of Claymore, you think turd won’t go rampage to kill every single living being when she’s having an episode of her massive denial?? What a dumb shitty logic you have, anime Raki! Also, it’s Clare’s job to kill all yoma + awaken being! You want to get eaten so badly? You should offer yourself to the first awaken being you guys met during the Ophelia arc. FUCK anime Raki! You don’t deserve any spotlight in the anime!

Conclusion: 2.2/5.0 STARS. This rating only applies to the anime. The manga is a great masterpiece. I don’t know why this anime gets canceled just like that, and I don’t have time to check on it. I thought the manga is quite popular, the anime should also get the same recognition, no?

Thank you for reading. Just a reminder, I’m not a critique, I’m not a professional reviewer, I only write my opinions.

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